Wholesale Voice – Dialer and Conversational
We support both Dialer and Conversational traffic with quality connections to over 70 Carriers.

Access Tandem has the pricing and quality to support your carrier, your call center or enterprise. We’ve handled billions of domestic and international minutes.

With a very competitive global marketplace, many companies with inbound toll free are needing to respond faster to opportunities, have more control over their network, route more intelligently, and reduce costs. For inbound call centers and for businesses with toll free services, when the phone rings it means new business and you can’t afford to lose a call. Ever!

Managing inbound toll free can be as simple as ringing to a main phone number, but for many call center operations, it involves multiple locations, mobile workforces, answering services applications, and even overseas outsourced support. For companies with a large amount of inbound calling, questions on managing this component.

Redundant Facilities

With locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Colorado, and the Cloud, Access Tandem has you covered from A to Z.

Fast Connections Available
With multi-gigabit redundant internet facilities, we can handle virtually any client volume application.

Wide variety of Tier 1 Carrier Connections
Our 30 carrier blend of bandwidth allows us to connect to your network with the lowest possible latency.